Katie Grange

Katie Grange


From her start in real estate in Snowmass in 1984, Katie distinguished herself with a unique blend of determination and fierce advocacy. In the years since, she has developed a loyal following of real estate clients, while also applying her considerable skills to other vital causes - as a leading voice for those with disabilities.


Katie regularly ends each year in the top 5% of Aspen/Snowmass brokers, with an impressive track record of sales and listings. Recent visits to England, Mexico City and Russia have resulted in significant networks with international brokers and clients.


Katie’s compassion and competitive nature are a potent combination. She’s fostered dialogue and created networks among the local disability communities, and expanded those connections nationally and globally. She currently serves on the board for Ascendigo Autism Services, located here in the Roaring Fork Valley, serving youth and adults across the autism spectrum through experiential community based learning opportunities. She is also a past board member of Challenge Aspen, a local organization dedicated to impacting lives with meaningful experiences to individuals with cognitive or physical challenges. She served at the governor’s appointment on the State Council for Developmental Disabilities. Katie also assists people with disabilities to find local housing.



Often, Katie’s real estate and disability worlds meet, and there’s no one better prepared to guide homebuyers to a property that fits their lifestyle. (When it comes to real estate, everyone has a few special needs). No matter her role-as broker, businesswoman, or community builder - Katie Grange is always a committed leader, a compassionate advocate, and an agent of change.